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I must admit, I spent a little time to peruse other service oriented websites
prior to deciding what to include on our website.

Maybe you had the same experience, it seems everyone is offering affordable prices,
quality products, and emergency service.
That's good to know, but I left many sites knowing little to nothing about the company.

I had a thought, what if someone could leave our site with a better understanding of this company.
Plain, simple and.....transparent.


My name is Bill Little, I am married have three children, and presently live in Bensalem. I am a follower of Jesus, honoring Him is paramount in my life.
I entered the electrical industry in 1977. Gaining experience in commercial, industrial and residential properties throughout the Philadelphia area. Lighting maintenance, commercial sign lighting and power distribution. With the residential construction boom of the 1980's, I was placed as a Forman working in multi-family, single-family dwellings, and commercial properties having the responsibility of over 20 employees in Montgomery and Bucks county.

Brice & Williams Inc. was recognized in 2001 to conduct business in the state of Pennsylvanian; the state of New Jersey came a few years later. Our company's name is derived from my son's middle name "Brice" and my first name "William". New construction wiring occupied a greater percentage of our business activity and grew to a small, but efficient crew of 4 trucks and 6 technicians.

As with the changing economy new construction has slowed; so we have adapted to this by prioritizing our focus on residential, commercial service and renovation.

Thank you for your interest in our company,
Bill Little president
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